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The most Hands on team in the industry

We know you have numerous choices when it comes to getting documents filed, but we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile for each customer because we know how important every case is.  That is why we dedicate our experienced team to ensure you are always satisfied.  Give us a try and see why so many firms are switching to the ASAP way

  • Follow Through – When it comes to important deadlines, we’re here to help you meet them

  • Knowledgeable – We know the courts and we know our customers

  • Technology- We utilize state of the art tools to make your life easier

Our Process

We get to know each of our customer needs and pair that with our in-depth knowledge of the courts and your customer to help you stay ahead of the competition

  • Research – Our solutions driven team is always prepared

  • Identify how to save you time – Our goal is to leverage our knowledge to save you time

  • Follow Through – Once its been filed, served, or delivered, we always follow through to completion

“ASAP has been an integral part of our firm because they are the most dependable partner when it comes to filing, process service, and assisting us with depositions”

Joan Smith, Paralegal

Research & Retrieval

Experience and Know how give us an advantage in quickly capturing important information to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Court Filing

eFiling – state of the art filing portal into all available electronic portals in California

National Concierge Filing – We’ve got access into courts from coast to coast

Service of Process

Summons & Complaints

Bank Levy

Wage Garnishments

Writ of Attachments

Subpoena Solutions

Our experiences team is focused on ensuring you everything needed to stay a step ahead